Plunging Pornography - a book for jr. high/high school

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Plunging Pornography - a book for jr. high/high school

Post by sr.mary-angela on Tue Sep 05, 2017 12:49 pm

A newer book recommended by Fr. Kilcawley is Plunging Pornography: A Catholic Bathroom Book by D.J. Huenenman.  The title seems crude, but this book is a clever idea on how to teach parents and students about the dangers of pornography and what to do about it in a practical way.

One principal ordered copies in bulk (only $100 for 50 copies compared to $9.99 each!) and sent one home with parents of every student in grades 6-8 at Back-to-School Night.  If any parents weren't present, the book was sent home for them.  

Here's the ordering info:
(books arrive in just a few days with normal shipping)


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